My Pinterest Floral Inspirations – Ideas & More!

A Few of My Favourite Pins Explored

As most of us do when we’re looking for ideas and inspiration, I send my browser over to Pinterest and start searching.

Whether I’m looking for something to incorporate into my designs or just to see something that may be fresh and exciting, Pinterest is the world’s largest mood board. Easy to navigate but difficult to leave, there’s always the one last search or click.

Florals, colours, feels – I could (and usually do) spend hours filtering and flicking. It could turn into a full-time job if I didn’t have other designs to do!

Anyway, from recent Pinterest views, here are some of the things that caught my eye and images that I wanted to share.

Image of a flower used by Rose Quartz in a blog post
Surface View via Pinterest


I love the texture here and the wonderful pinks – would look fantastic as a bold large scale floral mural. I can visualise an off white sofa stretched out in front. Would look almost strawberries and cream!

Chair image used by Rose Quartz
LGL via Pinterest


You can almost sense the luxurious feel of the cloth just from this image alone. It’s another large scale floral (i can’t help myself!).
The yellow and deep blue just contrast and pop together and we’re really working with contrasting shades for this season. Great fabric.

Image used in a blog post about floral patterns by rose quartz
Via Pinterest


Not a floral this time but I really adore the soft shallow depth of field. Coupled with the delicate hue and ethereal quality of the image, it’s a dreamlike pattern that I could easily see incorporated onto a splashback or even a wall mural.

Image of wallpaper used on drawers from Pinterest
Wallpaper ideas from Pinterest


Not a pattern per se – although I do like the colour pop in this design, this one is all about the idea. What a wonderful way to brighten up your bedroom.
Open the drawers and the plain sides are wallpaper decorated to show off a touch of your individual style.

There’s all I have to post today – need to get back to the design board.
Please let me know on Twitter your design inspirations, I look forward to seeing them!