Oriental home décor – give your home the eastern look!


Eastern home decor image from Pinterest
From Pinterest


What comes to your mind when we talk about the east?
Most people associate east with exotic spices and silk.

However, there is another aspect that we cannot ignore – the art.
Yes, eastern or oriental art is rich and traditional with lots of variety. The great thing is you can use oriental home décor in your designs to give your home a tranquil feel. Read on to find out more.

Oriental designs in home décor – the lowdown

People are waking up to the classic design styles of the east that can be easily incorporated into contemporary and traditional décor forms.
The oriental home décor style of interiors is characterised by serenity and harmony that brings relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The minimalistic look with a hint of mystic charm works wonder for the strained nerves.

Are you interested in adopting the oriental design home decor? Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it.

Play with colours

Some people have the misconception that eastern style means using only white or light colours in the décor. In reality, eastern style is actually a fusion of different styles in which colours play a vital role. Like in the Chinese style, red, purple, and gold are the dominant colours that create a grand image.
Moreover, Zen is the dominant philosophy in the east which revolves around keeping things minimal and allowing energy to flow unhindered. So, keep these in mind when using the eastern style in your interiors.

  • Rugs and carpets – available in florals, plaids, and stripes and in different materials, the oriental rugs can play a key role in your home décor. For best effect, choose the rugs in colours contrasting your colour palette of the room and achieve a distinct look.

Persian carpets with their intricate work can match any home décor. Instead of using a big one, choose small ones for different areas and make your home come alive.


Image of Persian oriental rug from Pinterest
From Pinterest


  • Furniture – Oriental furniture is a real favourite as they come in many shapes and styles. You can get them in wood with intricate designs. Having a chair, stool or a table in the hall would give it a classic feel. Remember to make it the focal point of the room.


  • Wallpapers – you can give your room a serene look or make it look bright with the right use of wallpapers. Wallpapers with eastern motifs or floral designs are intriguing. Available in bright as well as pastel shades, these wallpapers can give an oriental touch to your home décor.


Image of Japanese oriental home décor wallpaper designs
Link to Oriental wall art ideas


Thinking of vases?
Oh yes, the Persian ones would do great.
Similarly, other natural objects like bamboo screens, water features and lots of plants would enhance the look of your home. Statues of Buddha or relics from Asian countries are popular in the west.
Remember to make them the focal point of the room to achieve the desired look.

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