Home Décor Colour Ideas For AW17 & Beyond!

Inspiration for Using Colour In Autumn/Winter

Each season gives us a chance to reflect our individual style and comes with different home décor colour ideas and themes and ideas to use in your space.
With autumn gradually peeking around the corner and the last thoughts of summer drifting quietly out of view, this new season brings with it a whole range of unique home décor colour inspiration.
Created to add a breath of fresh air to your home (and keep out that pesky autumn wind!), these new takes on tone and hue will be all over the magazines in the coming months.

This post looks at a couple of them and why they’ll be so popular with the people in the know. I’ll also add a few pics to show how and where to use them.

Midnight Blue

From Pinterest


This shade of the ever popular blue adds a deep sophistication to every room. It visually shouts luxury and decadence (but in a good way!) and although it could never be called an unassuming shade, it certainly couldn’t be the wallflower at any of your dinner parties.
For contrasting colour ideas, use alongside accessories in mustard or orange on a sofa or lounge chair. Midnight Blue grabs the eye and refuses to let go.
Like most of the deeper colour shades, there’s a contemplative mood when used in anything more than an accent. Use the blue as a feature wall, either wallpaper or paint and feel that study vibe flood through.
Have a contrasting colour comfy chair and cushion, a good book and on-trend statement lamp, nestle back in these darker evenings and there’s no way even the winter rattle of rain on windows will disturb you.

When to use

Looks just as good in a modern setting as an accent or stripe as it does in a nautical type theme when used with other more pastel blue tones, Midnight Blue brings focus and a depth of colour to any living room.


From Pinterest


Wow! What luxurious depth and feel! The first thing guaranteed to pop into mind is velvet (go on, it did, didn’t it?).
Regal in style, burgundy epitomises classic colour. Like Midnight Blue, use it sparingly as it is such an imposing shade. As an accent trim to soft furnishings, a soft cushion on a grey sofa, or threads running through a patterned rug, burgundy or maroon will always direct the eye and hold its focus.
Opulent and with bags of charm, anything in deep red will knock your socks off! Don’t be afraid of using but build up slowly with a couple of objects and see how it changes the room’s feel.

When to use

If you’re looking for a shabby chic theme with layered colours (which is really on-trend AW17), burgundy nails it.

That wraps up, for now, my little post on a couple of colour ideas for late 2017 and into 2018. Another post that will be of interest is here about flora ideas.

I’ll post a couple more soon so please check back and let me know on social media what your on-trend colours are for the upcoming months!