Coral Vine bespoke wallpaper made to measure for your feature wall from

Forget about Greenery, it’s all about the blues in 2017!

Deep blue flowers and birds wallpaper from Rose Quartz and

Into the Blue

We know Pantone says 2017 is all about Greenery, and we do love the greens but for us, this first stretch of 2017 is all about blue and gorgeous big mural designs.

When delicate seamless floral patterns ripple across the walls to create a luxurious depth of colour, you can’t help but fall in love with the expressive qualities of a strong blue and partner up with some accent pieces, it can simply transform a space and awaken a whole new room theme.

There are so many beautiful items of furniture and accessories available on the high street embellished with either a blue highlight or contrasting hue – we especially like the Olin chaise from Marks & Spencer and the cushions from John Lewis – both below.


John Lewis cushions and Marks and Spencers chaise showing the blue of rose quartz designs and

Kind of blue

In the kitchen where the walls can be left plain with paint or tile, a splash of colour across the surfaces can really turn heads. Our designs when printed on glass either as a patterned and coloured kitchen splashback or as a feature tile really pop and we think they can create some serious neighbour envy. Beware when the invites go out for your next dinner party!

Sometimes, except for the major projects of full renovations and custom unit fitting, the kitchen can get a little left out. It’s the room where choices are made and big decisions are taken with a change of flooring or entire new cupboard scheme but when the little things need a polish, the kitchen often gets left behind. We’re all for a change of towels or a new pastel toned kettle and toaster but add some spark in the form of a new decorative display and real drama comes home.

Over at For the Floor and More, there’s a blog article discussing how to brighten up your kitchen with 5 ideas ranging from updating worktops to adding in the Feature Tiles. The blue birds and flowers of the wallpaper above also look magnificent as a printed glass kitchen splashback.


Blue flowers and birds printed kitchen glass splashback available at


With a lighter and more playful shade of blue, our Coral Vine riffs on summer evenings and carefree walks with a loved one. Bring the beauty of a late August day into your home as a bespoke wallpaper mural, glass Feature Tile or printed glass splashback.


Glass printed and patterned Feature Tile available from

Blue notes

Finally, the British design duo Doshi Levien states they, “think of architecture of the home as a canvas” and we feel exactly the same way. Be bold, be unique –  use deep swathes of blue to adorn and punctuate walls and daub colour contrasting accents across the panorama of your home!