Deep, Dark & Moody! Why Your Home Needs This Colour Trend!

Dark & Deep Pattern Ideas

It seems every time I sit back and flick through the home decor magazines, bold and moody colour ideas are everywhere.

Dark charcoal coloured walls, black design accents – it seems someone somewhere is really digging the moody vibe. With the clocks soon changing and winter coming, do they know it’s going to get really dark in their homes?? Or are they the ones who are on-trend and bang up to date?

I think they might be right and it is us who’ll soon be following their lead.

Dark colours give a sense of enveloping and cosseting. They feel cosy and add some warmth to a room. Think of the times you’ve entered an old-fashioned study and all that dark wood and leather. Cosy wasn’t it? Imagine the open fire in there and I bet you could have stayed there all day!
Its that dark and sensuous feel that made it feel that way and it’s not too hard to add into our homes to get that same vibe.


Dark & Moody from Pinterest

Mood for the Living Room

From the living room with possibilities in dark large scale floral wallpapers through to deep and luxurious cushion covers, there are so many opportunities to go bold and daring.
Clever use of mirrors adds an element of light as they bounce around the light from any windows or lamps. Simple ways to create a different feel within the room.
Some of the coloured and patterned lamp shades available are really effective ways to develop your deep and moody colour style.

If you’ve decided upon that bold feature wall or full room, add a wall decoration that breaks up the colour. Silver or copper accented pieces with their different textures add a real sophisticated luxury ambience to the space.

Another easy way to add a dark sense and depth to a bathroom is to add wooden panelling to the walls. Go halfway up and pick a rich deep colour and you’ll have that bath that no-one will ever want to leave!

There you go – a couple of ideas and ways to add some foreboding to your home (but in a good way!) Let me know what you think on my Twitter.